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Rainy Days

A curated selection of some artworks from my 'Rainy Days' art project started in 2016

About this collection

'Rainy Days' is another of my art projects embracing my passion for contemplative photography.

Initiated in 2016, this collection tends to describe both technically, artistically and emotionally the feelings, mood and atmosphere we all experience as humans while being sheltered at home, at the office or in a cafe during a storm, watching the rain fall behind the window or looking at the raindrops on the window before letting them get blurred as we turn our attention to the lights outside or start to daydream, gazing into space, mind-wandering to various thoughts.

A moment in time allowing us to let our thoughts wander and connect back to ourselves and some past memories. As the shapes and the world itself disappear, as the sound of the rain turns to a soothing white noise, we can then reconnect to ourselves, remembering forgotten faces, moments and memories, before letting the rain wash them out as it does to the dust on the streets, still sheltered behind the window.

A pause in time while the world outside keeps moving, the car lights, the umbrellas or unfortunates getting wet. A rare and temporary reminder of how lucky we are to be sheltered behind that window while some unfortunates aren't. While the world itself isn't.