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Photography education for beginners or advanced photographers

Teaching photography through technical courses, artistic workshops and mentoring has been a passion of mine since I decided to give it a go back in 2018. My skills as a professional photographer and my experience as a teacher allow me to offer a wide range of photography education to beginners or advanced photographers intending to become professionals



One-on-one technical photography courses mixing theory with practice, for beginners or advanced photographers willing to improve their skills and have full control over the modes and settings of their camera

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Photo tours and artistic workshops designed around various themes in order to practice and develop your own photography style and aesthetic approach through tips and advice from a professional

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Weekly challenges designed around various photography themes and including a photo review, for photographers facing a lack of inspiration or willing to challenge themselves in order to create a wider portfolio

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From portfolio review to tailored business coaching, I offer one-on-one photography mentoring to amateur or semi-professional photographers willing to grow creatively or start a professional photography business

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