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Hong Kong

A curated selection of some of my urban exploration, street and cityscapes photography in Hong Kong

About my love for Hong Kong

Since I was a child, I have been attracted to Asian countries such as Japan and China, to the point I decided to attend a business school specialized in Europe and Asian markets, learning Japanese and Chinese mandarin in the process.

I then had an opportunity to create a company in Hong Kong that lead me to travel there from time to time, and even work and live there for a few months, before finally embracing a photography career years later.

Since then, I only had one occasion to go back to Hong Kong and to capture this city and some of its remote islands using a professional camera, with a main focus on its architecture and street scenes.

HK Central District at the blue hour

The blue hour, that sliver of time just before sunrise or just after sunset when the sky is awash in saturated, almost surreal, shades of blue has always been my favorite time to capture cityscapes as it offers a cool contrast to the warmth of the city lights