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Business documentary

My photography services for small businesses


Branding your business & skills

My business branding photography is meant for you if you are a small business who need branded photography for your website, advertising and social media platforms

Meant to help small business owners to brand themselves and advertise their business effectively through digital channels to connect with their current and prospective customers and increase their sales

Being myself both an entrepreneur and an artist, I perfectly understand the importance of showcasing a professional image through photography that reflects your personality and demonstrates your skills.

Shooting live reportages to help artists, performers, athletes and artisans showcase their talents and skills and document important parts of their professional life such as training and live performance

Complete “behind the scenes” photo reports using natural light where possible to elegantly capture the mood of a place or showcase the personality and skills of business professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, artists and athletes Producing live coverage and staged lifestyle imagery for business owners willing to have their business place, team, products, services or events showcased in a way that looks moody and authentic