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“ Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Confucius

Who am I?

My name is Pierre-Emmanuel, Loriental being an artist name that I have chosen in reference to my birthplace and my international career.

Originally from Lorient, in beautiful Brittany (Celtic part of France), photography, arts and travel have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. My travels have taken me to many parts of Europe and Asia as well as other locations around the globe, allowing me to photography the beauty of our world, its natural scenery, its people and its cities.

Thus, I have started my photography career through travel photography and fine art photography, first being published in magazines, newspapers and art books in France but also in the UK and in the USA where I was also regularly selling art prints to individuals and businesses willing to decorate their homes or offices, before heading towards offering photography services to individuals, professionals and businesses to respond to growing enquiries I was receiving.

In addition to my photography career, I have been working for more than 15 years in the international business development and marketing field between France and Hong Kong, organizing operations and implementing decisions in countries such as Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea and India for various French and foreign companies.

I am currently based in Rennes (France) where I offer my photography services to individuals, professionals and businesses while working at the same time on a brand-oriented international business development project that is mixing photography, digital marketing and travel.

Last bust not least, I am also a photography teacher and a worskshops organizer since 2018.


Why choose me?

– Individuals & Families:

I am a photographer with a sensitive eye who loves to capture emotions and moments as well as find the natural beauty in every subject.

I pride myself on crafting and delivering to my clients contemporary photography and high-end personalized photography products they will cherish for the years to come.


– Professionals & Entrepreneurs:

Being myself both an entrepreneur and an artist, I perfectly understand the importance of showcasing a professional image through photography that reflects your personality and demonstrates your skills.

I pride myself on providing personalized advice in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the images we will create together.


– Businesses & Brands:

Having 15+ years of experience in international business development and marketing in addition to my photography career allows me to perfectly understand the need of businesses and brands for commercial, advertorial and editorial visual content that will help them sell their products and services or reach their target audience more effectively.


Photography style

My photography style has often been described as sensitive, intimate & classy.

Apart from some artistic portraits or professional headshots, I use minimal to no posing in my portrait photography, so the story can unfold naturally – creating a true reflection of the subjects character or connection.

But as an image maker I also love to create narrative images that will tell stories and express or evoke feelings and emotions.

Ultimately I do think there is beauty within and beyond the ordinary and my role is to capture that and turn it into art.


Retouching style

It is my love for artistic digital enhancement that really gets my creative juices flowing.

I particularly enjoy using texture layers to add a very unique atmosphere in some of my images. But while I have a few artistic shots that are heavily manipulated, I prefer to apply subtle adjustments and changes to most of my images.

Ultimately I touch up my ‘digital negatives’ to recreate and enhance what I felt and saw when the capture was made.

This is certainly the reason why my retouching style has often been described as ‘highly atmospheric’.